ICCS... Integrated Ground Support Services for every flying need in Mexico and Latin America.

Personalized Ground Handling Services to Executive, Cargo and Ambulance Aircraft.

Flight Coordination Center 24/7, FBOs, Fuel, Catering, Permits & Authorizations, APIS.

About Us

First Class Ground Handling Services in Mexico, Latin America & The Caribbean for Corporate, Cargo & Ambulance Aircraft

With more than 20 years of experience, ICCS handles around 20,000 flight operations per year for Customers arriving from all over the world.

ICCS owns and operates the number One FBO & Offices Network in Mexico, and provides Integrated Handling Support Services at all 73 Airports in the country and also at the major airports in the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Safety and Quality for Our Customers are our Number One Priority

ICCS’ state of the art Flight Coordination Center staff is committed and eager to provide 24/7 support and assistance for all Handling Requests.

ICCS offers solutions and complete satisfaction to every need when flying to Mexico, Latin America & The Caribbean, and assures Safety, Reliability, Efficiency and Quality in all the Flights of their discerning Customers.


Executive Ground Handling

Available at all airports in Mexico. Bilingual 24/7 Flight Coordination Center, FBOs and Facilities, Fuel, Permits, APIS, Catering, Concierge services and expedite invoicing.

Cargo Ground Handling

Support for any aircraft type, anywhere in Mexico and Latin America. Loading, Offloading, Build Up, Break Down, Door to Door, Trucking, and more.

Ambulance Ground Handling

Air Ambulance, Ground Ambulance, Medical Team, Hospitals.


Fly efficiently and comfortably on a Private Jet. Customized solutions from a wide range of private aircraft and helicopters at competitive prices.


Expedite fueling coordination without pre-advised notice, available at all airports 24/7. International special fuel prices.

Permits & Authorizations

One Time Permits for last minute flights. Expedite process for Part 91, 135, 121 and Indefinite Blanket Permits.

Gourmet Catering

Gourmet Catering with the highest food quality and health standards. Variety of international and regional meals and selected beverages.


Trained professionals to guard passengers and aircraft. Special personnel complying with the highest standards for security services.


We Are Ready To Work For You

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ICCS’ Headquarters
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Col Cruz Manca Santa Fe
Cuajimalpa, Mexico City
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